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Corona Guidelines


Social Distance

The seats are set up so a maximum of 2 people can sit within 1,5 meter of each other. Any bigger groups are socially distanced by law, with no exceptions. All to maintain safety standards put in place.

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Face Masks not required


Supreme Air Quality

With our many Carbon and Hepa filters all around our shop, we provide some of the highest quality air that is available. With enough air movement that even when all the seats are filled, it will be smoke free.


Disinfecting Hand Gel

We provide free to use disinfecting hand gel to use for customers, and the employees are trained to regulalry clean and disinfect their hands to maintain a level of cleanliness when handling products.


Anti-Corona barriers

There are plexiglass barriers between the smokes bar and the customers so the person that is exposed to the most people is always protected. Making it safe for everyone to even go inside really quickly.

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Properly Disinfected

Tables and seats are properly disinfected after customers leave, so we make sure that when you come in that you are sitting in a clean area.


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